Gen-AI Tech Expert



Software Engineering, Data Science
New York, USA · United States
Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024

BRIA.AI, a leader in the Visual Generative AI space, is seeking a dynamic Gen-AI Tech Expert to join our innovative team. We are looking for a candidate who is not only passionate about Gen-AI technology but also possesses the unique ability to communicate its vast potential and practical applications to a broad audience, including developers, businesses, and the broader tech community.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Tech advisory: Support customer solutions design and adoption process. Provide tech advisory to customers.
  • Identify and explore new use cases through active engagement with clients and the developer community.
  • Support sales processes with tech expertise and raise upsell opportunities.
  • Product Advocacy: Serve as the voice of the company, advocating for our products and technology. Provide feedback from the community to our product and development teams to help shape product direction.
  • Community Engagement: Actively engage with and grow our community of developers, users, and enthusiasts. Attend and speak at industry conferences, workshops, and meetups.
  • Educational Initiatives: Be involved in webinars, workshops, and training sessions to educate and inspire builders and other stakeholders about the possibilities of Visual Gen-AI and our technology.
  • Industry Collaboration: Collaborate with academic institutions, research groups, key influencers and other organizations to promote the use of Visual Generative AI technology in various fields.


  • Strong understanding of AI and machine learning concepts, especially in the Visual Generative AI domain.
  • Proven experience in tech/product Gen AI.
  • Technical Savvy with a good understanding of software development practices and ecosystems.
  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills, with the ability to engage and inspire diverse audiences.
  • Experience in community building and engagement.
  • Ability to travel as needed for conferences, meetups, and other events.
  • A bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science, AI, Machine Learning, or a related field is preferred.
  • Employment type: Full-time, Hybrid
  • Location: US, New-York


At BRIA, we are at the forefront of Visual Generative AI, committed to pioneering safe and innovative commercial applications. Our team of visionaries and innovators has developed a platform that empowers organizations and their creative professionals, including engineers, developers, data scientists, and AI experts. We are unique in our commitment to responsible AI, ensuring safety and accountability in every aspect of our technology. Our platform offers comprehensive visual generation and modification solutions, featuring foundation models, APIs, SDKs, and seamless web integration. Built on the largest licensed dataset and developed collaboratively with industry leaders, our technology ensures superior quality, copyright protection, and safe content usage. Join us in our mission to responsibly harness AI, fostering a sustainable and innovative future for visual communication.

As an employer, BRIA.AI is committed to embracing diversity and ensuring equal opportunity for all. This commitment is integral to our success and innovation.