Technical Quantum Community Intern

Classiq Technologies

Classiq Technologies

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Technical Quantum Community Intern

  • User Growth and Community
  • Remote
  • Intern
  • Full-time/ Part-time


Classiq’s vision is to be the standard quantum software and operating system in the era of quantum computing. Being the standard quantum software used nowadays by quantum researchers and developers is key for achieving this vision, and this is the goal of the user growth & community department.

We are looking for a passionate, technical, agile person with very high communication and interpersonal skills to push forward the user growth & community efforts. Specifically, to enable many researchers to use Classiq as a key element in their research and to enlarge the Classiq community to be the leading quantum computing community in terms of size and content.

This position is remote, unless you arrive to our headquarters in Tel Aviv.


  1. Initiate, lead and manage activities for growing the community of Classiq’s users. This includes collaborations with many quantum groups, quantum societies and quantum organizations, as well as participating in quantum events. Examples: Mentor in quantum hackathons; Deliver workshops of the Classiq Platform to quantum organizations; Initiate joint activities that promote the quantum ecosystem.
  2. Create top-level educational content that showcases and promotes how the Classiq Platform is used for quantum algorithms development. Examples: Lead the next Classiq Bootcamp; Create educational tutorials that exemplify Classiq advantages; Create technical marketing materials to promote Classiq’s social media presence


  • Highly passionate about quantum computing
  • Passionate about collaborations and education
  • Very good understanding of quantum computing
  • Great personal relations and communications skills
  • Experience with educational activities
  • Agile - fit for an ever changing and dynamic start up environment, where nothing stays constant.
  • [Preferably] An active member in the quantum community. If you participated in Hackathons, organized quantum events, actively involved in quantum social media, that’s you!