Senior Full Stack Developer



Software Engineering
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Posted on Monday, September 18, 2023


Empathy is on a mission to help families with everything they face after the loss of a loved one. With an award-winning product, powered by tech and driven by purpose, we provide peace of mind by guiding families through all the tedious and time-consuming tasks that follow a loss, automating many of the processes so that they can focus on what truly matters.

Our team is passionate, empathetic, and dedicated to providing world-class solutions to families in need. We work fast, we take responsibility, and we marshal every resource and clever concept at our disposal to help families at the hardest times in their lives. It’s unique, rewarding work with many interesting challenges along the way.

About the team

Engineering Team

We are passionate generalists who constantly pick up new challenges. When it comes to code, we’re looking to work with experienced people who can take a problem and solve it end-to-end and who aren’t afraid of ambiguity.

In this role you will

  • Design, build and maintain our full product suite, including backend services, mobile applications, and web products.
  • Work with engineers, product managers, and designers to craft world-class experiences and participate in all aspects of the project lifecycle.
  • Take part in the early stages of the product and help set the groundwork for the future of the engineering team and the company.


What we’re looking for

  • A strong technical background, with 7+ years of professional, hands-on experience building production-grade applications or systems.
  • Experience in building end-to-end complex large-scale applications.
  • Solid fundamentals in data models/structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming, and knowledge of development best practices.
  • Strong attention to detail and empathy for the user experience.
  • Someone who enjoys learning, is self-motivated and has the ability to switch domains as the needs of the company evolve.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Experience with Docker and AWS is a plus.
  • Fluency with Javascript & TypeScript is a plus.


We use Typescript and build scalable systems so we can iterate quickly and maintain a solid foundation. We don’t expect you to have a background in everything we use, but we are looking for strong fundamentals.

Our stack:

  • React Native applications for iOS and Android, using hooks and minimal native code for advanced features.
  • Apollo and GraphQL for our APIs.
  • Node, Postgres, and Redis in the backend.
  • Hosted on AWS with Docker managed with Pulumi (Typescript).
  • React and NextJS to power our web experiences.
  • Jest, Storybook, and Cypress.